I've been sitting here thinking about your comments on sarcasm, scarlett_, and I've thought similar things. But I've been unsure on what an “ideal” stance might be...

Story time... When google wave was active a friend and I tried experimenting with alternative methods of communication. No sarcasm, lots of little branches explaining nuance and context, asking non-poisonous questions, building off of those questions and revising the original thought... It was mildly interesting, but we were unable to pull anyone else into it. I mean, a few people tried but they always gave up.

Iono. If you have time in the future, perhaps consider publishing some of your non-sarcasm ideas to a webpage, perhaps you (or someone inspired by you) can start an experimental community?

I think there is a valuable conversation to be had with respect to cutting languge, and what it might mean (good and bad) to have sarcasm-free contexts (or whatever).

Anywhoo, thanks for reading~