Of words and choice.

I wonder what it would be like to play a game (RPG?) in which a given conversation choice costs points. As you role play the costs shift--with one sort of answer becoming more expensive, and another sort cheaper.

For example:

If you play a gregarious character, choosing happy-go-lucky responses, these will become cheaper… but serious-minded responses or cutting sarcasm might get more expensive.

Or say you consistently choose sarcastic responses, perhaps over time these choices become cheap and easy, and when an NPC you care about is sad, you might find that you lack the conversation points to say something healing or appropriate.

There might be game and conversation context that suddenly change costs. If you are insulted, perhaps the cost for saying something angry does down and the cost for saying something nice goes up.

Some questions that need to be answered:

I suppose this idea is trying to explore a possible answer to questions like these:

Like the consequences from a warrior vs thief build. The former has to bribe or bust their way into the contents of a safe… Or rob someone while they transport the contents… The latter could just sneak in at night and pick the lock.